July Newsletter

Mainstream 'Affinity' platform increases revenue by 23% in June June has been another fantastic month for mainstream dating performance, with an uplift of 23.2% in initial revenue on our Affinity platform.  Our UK & USA markets continue [...]

GDI Podcast

Last week we announced our partnership with Dig, ‘The Dogs Person’s Dating App’ and our winners of the Million Dollar Dating Project.     GDI podcast with HubStars owner, Michael O'Sullivan and Dig Co-founder, Leigh [...]

Pure Search Marketing – Episode 9

In this episode we look at creating the perfect landing page with Tim from Pure Search Marketing and Doreen our Senior Account Manager. A landing page is where people are directed to once they click [...]

Pure Search Marketing – Episode 8

Watch episode 8 in the series with Tim from Pure Search Marketing. Find out how to add extensions to your Ads to improve your clickthrough rates and user engagement!      

We are Hiring!

We have seen fantastic growth over the last 3 years, and that trend is showing no signs of slowing down! As a result, our Scotland based team are seeking to double our Account Management and [...]

Interview with CORD.global

Last week we announced CORD.global as one of our Million Dollar Dating Project winners. We spoke to brand owners Shai and Lea to learn more about CORD 'Conscious Open Relationship Dating'. They created their own [...]