We’re excited to share with you our recent experiences and successes with portfolio bidding on Google Ads. As part of our ongoing commitment to experimenting and optimising our strategies and to pass the learnings on to you, we’ve embraced portfolio bidding and shared budgets for one of our brands during Q3 2023. The results have been remarkable, and we believe this approach could be valuable to your campaigns as well.

Key Achievements:

Through our shift to portfolio bidding and shared budgets, we’ve achieved substantial benefits:

Cost Efficiency: We reduced Google Spend by an impressive 52%, leading to better budget management and cost savings.

Revenue Growth: Despite a minor 3.1% decrease in registrations, our revenue surged by 10.1%, highlighting the effectiveness of the new strategy.

Time Optimisation: Our management efforts were significantly reduced, allowing us to dedicate more time to crafting innovative campaigns, creating assets, and refining landing pages and videos for this and other brands.

Path to Auto Bidding

Our journey to portfolio bidding began with a successful trial in March 2023. Initially tested on a geo-based adult account featuring multiple brands, this experiment yielded remarkable results:

  • 53% increase in conversions on Google Ads.
  • 3% lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

This test involved optimising campaigns to best practices and determining an effective CPA target and ROI-positive budget. The positive outcomes not only validated portfolio bidding but also granted us the luxury of time to enhance other brands and creative assets.

Our Ongoing Exploration

We’ve extended our portfolio bidding experiments to encompass different niches, locations, and brand categories, both mainstream and adult. As we delve deeper into these strategies, we’ll transparently share our successes and challenges with you. Our goal is to enable you to scale efficiently while minimising costs.

Further Reading

For an in-depth understanding of portfolio bidding and its benefits, we recommend checking out these valuable resources:

We’re excited about the potential of portfolio bidding to help campaign performance and look forward to sharing more insights with you soon.

To learn more about portfolio bidding and how it can be implemented on your brands Google Adwords campaigns, contact us to arrange an exploratory discussion.