Drinx Dating –  a winning Million Dollar Dating Project brand based in Perth, Australia.

The World is slowly starting to regain some social normality after the widespread lockdowns and restrictions of COVID-19. People are starting to replace Zoom dates with face to face meetings which is great news for Drinx Dating, a brand centred around the bar and club scene.

We caught up with Drinx to get their perspective on first dates and how we can make our return to the dating/bar scene a success!


First dates are tricky. You want something that will be long enough to start to get to know someone, but not so long that you run out of things to talk about and are left with awkward silences. 

Dinner dates are good for when you’re more comfortable with someone, and the same can be said for a lot of outdoorsy activities. 

Our solution? A bar. 

One or two drinks is long enough to get to know someone, whilst also leaving them wanting to know more, giving you the perfect excuse for a second date (unless those one or two drinks was enough to tell you that you’re just not into it, in which case you can high tail it out of there without wasting too much of your time).

See below for our tips on how to ace that first date at a bar.


1. Pick a bar that is relaxed. 

Not “wear your gym gear” relaxed, but one that doesn’t have some ridiculously fancy dress code. 

This is for two reasons; first dates should be about getting to know one another, so you want to be as comfortable as possible whilst still looking good. The second is that where you pick can give off a lot about you. 

For instance, choose somewhere too fancy and you might come across as trying too hard. Alternatively, if you take your date just to your local pub where all the other tradies and workers end their week on a Friday night and you might come across as being lazy.


2. Pick a bar that has good music and a good crowd.

There is nothing worse than sitting down having a drink and not being able to hear a word your date is saying because the band playing is far too loud. 

The same can be said for the crowd. It is advisable not to have your first date at a bar that’s maybe showing the game where you’ll have a rowdy crowd of people distracting you while you’re getting to know someone. 

To avoid these problems, we suggest finding a smaller, more intimate bar that won’t be showcasing the latest heavy metal band like your local, but instead have a nice level of mood music playing in the background. 


3. Pick a bar with a variety of drink options that are reasonably priced.

Don’t pick a bar where you’ll be paying a fortune for a glass of wine, like our first pointer, it could come across as trying too hard (and flaunting your wealth can sometimes make others uncomfortable). 

But if you pick a bar that only has capacity for a couple of craft beers and some extravagant cocktails, you risk not liking anything to drink and then the focus on the night becomes not about getting to know your date, but on trying to drink something you don’t like. 


4. Think positively

Bars are a great way to take the pressure off a first date. 

It provides a fun and relatively safe environment where there are other people around to make you more comfortable and it gives you the perfect amount of time to know whether you want to explore someone further. 

For a list of the best bars in your city, we recommend you head over to The Urban List to find the perfect place for your next date.