Funding Future Online Communities & Relationships

Technology is changing the way we meet others, develop relationships and fall in love. So many of us are investing our time into social and dating apps, forming today’s culture of online self expression to find love or simply to find and share experiences with like minded others.

Our Objective

Our aim is to find the next generation of entrepreneurs to explore the vast array of dating niches and brands that are constantly evolving from the forever changing world of relationships and social circles. We believe the longevity of the online dating culture can be nurtured with communities that are based on value and respect. We need forward thinking individuals who are passionate about sharing and connecting online, who also understand the importance of keeping these online spaces safe and prejudice free.

Could you be the one?

We are looking for a diverse group of talented individuals that can produce and successfully market exciting new niches and brand ideas for dating & social apps. You will be helping to expand the North American, UK or Australian dating market. We require you to have a good understanding of online marketing but not be an existing internet affiliate. You could be a student, graduate, unemployed or already employed but looking for a big project to dedicate your time too and apply your entrepreneurial spirit.


What are we offering?

Mentoring for developing your Dating concept

  • Unique features for your new brand

  • What will work

Mentoring in Marketing Online for Dating

  • Campaign setups

  • How to track campaigns

  • How to optimise campaigns

12 Months Advertising Budget

  • Free money to promote your brand for up to 12 months

  • Establish your own $10k USD per month revenue stream

  • Freedom to quit your job

What are we looking for from you?

Have an idea for a dating group or community that could be well served with a dating product. It does not need to be a new idea, you might have an innovative idea on how to approach an already established dating group. We’d like you to vlog or blog your experiences to document your dating entrepreneur journey.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, register your interest here and we will give you more information and instructions for the next steps to qualify as a candidate. We just need your email for now and will follow up when the fund launches in June 2020.


It goes live on June 12th.

You do. We will help you develop it and bring it to market but the idea and brand is yours.

Not a problem, we will do this for you. We have a fully functioning software suite in the Hubstars platform to bring your brand vision to life. We can customise the platform features and targeting to adapt to your brand idea.

It depends but expect a few hours a week. Most of the effort will be in the initial stages of researching your markets, receiving training from us and setting up your brand with us. After that it should only require maybe 2 hours a week to manage and tweak your campaigns.

No. We do have some eligibility criteria as detailed above. After that we will review the dating concept submissions and select a group that will qualify for support from the fund.

It’s quite open to you but we will look favourably on ideas that champion niche groups that are being left behind by more generic dating platforms. We also welcome innovations and new approaches for existing dating communities.

We will balance the potential of a brand versus the technical challenges in bringing it to market. By way of example a dating idea that is built around a specific product feature e.g. changing the matching algorithm logic or unique swiping user interface is unlikely to be chosen. Successful candidates will be more focused on the customer messaging and presentation that on a specific technical feature.

If my brand becomes a global hit can I build my own app instead of using your technology?
Sure, share the love! We want to see you succeed. If you want to go for venture funding and take your startup to the next level we’ll help you move on. Please remember us fondly 🙂