Any decent online marketer knows that to be successful within the industry they need to have the ability to split their market by Geo and target different offers to cater for these markets. Working with HubPeople ables you to create offers that take into account the interests (sexual or otherwise), termed as “Niches”. for your traffic. When your traffic lands on your white label site, it is vital that you ensure that your customers are shown appropriate content to cater for their niche, this will ensure higher conversions.

Ensuring the native language of the user incorporated into the landing page is vital, additionally giving visitors to the site visibility and comfort that there are other members within their area they can connect with. The likelihood that they will convert is dramatically increased if they feel the site they are logging into can cater to their “kink”.

We all have our own sexual feelings, desires and fantasies, you as a marketer are able to exploit by ensuring that your traffic is niched and lands on the correctly niched landing page. People acting on these feelings, and are more likely to make an impulse buy, as the user becomes more enamoured by what you are selling. Capitalising on the of their kink, gives you the opportunity to create a sense of community with the member as they see other members sharing in the interests they have. That sense of belonging increases the likelihood of the member joining, and converting to be a fully fledged paying member.

Working with Hubpeople enables you to promote specific niches and create landing pages that that cater to these niches, be that via the imagery used, the writing that entices the member, or even the way the registration form is laid out. Being able to change the look of the offer when marketing to different people of different sexual niches you are putting yourself in the best position for driving up revenue.

If you need help in finding the correct niche for the traffic source you have available, and the Geos they work well in, please get in touch with your account manager.