In a bid to further enhance user experience and boost revenue, our product team recently introduced a redesigned ‘like limit’ popup for male users in the Matches area.

Building on the success of our login popup redesign, this new feature aims to address the needs of users who have exceeded 25 profile likes within a 24-hour period

Since the launch the impact on user behaviour and revenue generation has been substantial. In the first week following the release, our data revealed a 6% increase in user upgrades through the action prompted by the popup.

We also observed an impressive 20% surge in revenue generated through the action, surpassing the figures from the previous week.

The new design of the popup not only addresses the core issue of exceeding the ‘like limit’ but also showcases all the exclusive VIP benefits available to upgraded members.

By emphasising the value of upgrading, users are presented with a comprehensive view of the perks awaiting them. This approach aims to entice users to take immediate action and upgrade their membership to a higher tier.