We launched the Million Dollar Dating Project back in May with the aim of finding and supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs who can nurture the longevity and quality of the online dating culture.

Throughout May we received a high volume of applications all hoping to qualify for our project and have their dating idea turned into a market ready brand with a free marketing budget and mentoring from the HubStars team of experts.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted an application, we are amazed with the volume and quality of ideas produced which has only made our job to select winning candidates more difficult!


We are delighted to announce the first of multiple winning brands: ‘Drinx Dating’.

“Before apps burst on the scene, dating involved meeting someone at a bar, having a drink and conversation to see if the sparks fly… If there was chemistry you would exchange numbers and plan a date for the coming week.”

“Drinx dating allows you to meet people in your area and find chemistry in real-life.”

This brand is all about the social nightlife scene, encouraging those with busy lifestyles to meet others from their local area in a social setting such as bars and clubs. Think relaxed group dates whilst out at a bar with friends, perfect for those who don’t like the idea of having a first date with someone they met online.

Our team are currently working alongside brand owner Cody to launch his web app and will soon be running campaigns in various locations within Australia with the marketing budget provided by HubStars. We will be posting updates on the brands progress across our blog and social channels, stay tuned for more details along with announcements of our other project winners!

Due to the success of the project we are going to be keeping applications open until further notice, creating a second wave of candidates who will have the chance to go on and win a share of the investment fund to promote their dating brand for up to 12 months. If you have ideas for a niche dating brand or an innovative idea on how to approach an already established dating group then apply here.