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We operate a Tiered Revenue System for Partners 

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60% ($10000-15000 initial sales previous 30 days) 

65% ($15000+ initial sales previous 30 days) 

*35-65% in your favour (After bank processing fees and sales taxes deducted) 

Once you have paid for your domains it costs you nothing, your money will be spent purely on the marketing. Please purchase your domains through Hubstars and not from a third party – for the best return on investment.

You can choose to market your dating brand through a variety of channels, e.g. paid social media ad campaigns; Google Ads, Bing Ads, influencer marketing, SEO and content marketing. Play to your strengths and skill set or if you aren’t sure, speak to our team who can guide you on this. 

We provide a pre-populated member database for our partners, meaning that members of their dating sites will have plenty of other suited members to interact with from day one! You don’t have to worry about your traffic landing in an empty member pool.