In recent months we have implemented several new features and updates to our Anti-Fraud System, including the launch of our Member Rating Feature designed to detect and remove suspicious member profiles that display traits of scammer behaviour.

We are continuously looking for new ways to enhance our Anti-Fraud System, creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for end-users and in turn, boosting member retention rates and ROI for our partners.

We are pleased to report the launch of our latest anti-fraud feature which detects and censors external contact detail within our private messaging system. Our internal security measures will automatically detect that the member in question may be attempting to send personal contact information. This contact information will be censored and the receiving member will be presented with a warning pop-up message as shown below.




The member will have the choice to either view or deny the external contact information. We advise proceeding with as much caution as possible, only continuing the conversation outwith the platform when completely satisfied the member is genuine.

Although this may well be a harmless attempt from a member to extend and pursue the conversation further, we have always operated under the vigilant assumption that pursuing any conversation outside of the member community presents a high risk as we are no longer able to protect those members and their personal information.

We believe this new feature will significantly contribute towards the reduction in fraudulent behaviour across the platform and increase engagement and interaction levels within our dating communities.