We spoke to Anna, our Digital Marketing Specialist, on what candidates for the project should be thinking about when it comes to niching and special interest groups.


Why Create A Niche Dating Site? 

You will be surprised at how many different niches there are for online dating, from active to LGBT to gaming, you can create a site for them all. Creating niche websites lead to better quality traffic, better click through rates and therefore better returns. The target market for each niche site will be smaller, but the relevance you will have to the audience will be greater. Your targeting won’t be for general mainstream singles, but for ‘gaming singles’ or ‘active singles’, therefore keeping your spend under better control. 


How To Choose A Niche? 

Choosing a niche is the fun part! Start your research closer to home. What are your hobbies and interests? Do you like to workout or maybe you live in the countryside? Creating a site based on your interests will keep you enthusiastic and you will know exactly the market to target. This will help you create better ads and content as this is a niche that sparks your interest! 


An Example Of A Successful Niche Site

Let’s use Date Player Two as an example https://dateplayertwo.com/ 

This site falls under our gaming niche, catering to those who have a strong interest in gaming and wish to meet like minded people. It’s important to research the different types of interest groups that come under the gaming niche umbrella. For this particular site we could look at console types, game category types, and popular gaming brands.


Game Category Types

      • Survival Horror
      • MMO
      • RPG
      • Strategy
      • Retro
      • Combat
      • Shooter
      • Puzzle
      • Simulations


By going into this further detail we can discover more about the audience for this particular niche. This allows us to offer a more tailored and unique experience by matching members with similar interests within these category types. Make sure to go into as much detail as possible when it comes to interest groups for your niche, this will help define the website copy, keywords and all other aspects needed to create your niche dating brand. 

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