Visual content is one of the most important features to consider when creating your dating brand.  If you want them to be in love at first sight with your app, you need to follow some guidelines.



Keep it Simple

Try a minimalistic approach using only colours, shapes, lines, symbols and fonts that are just enough to convey your brand style. Remove any element that doesn’t reflect your brand message as this will only take up unnecessary design space.

Get Inspired

Get inspiration from designs already out there and make as many sketches as you can to unlock your creativity before moving on to design software such as Adobe or Canva. If you are targeting a particular niche or interest group then look at brands already in that group and take note of what works well.

Make it Responsive

Create a responsive logo by having 2 to 3 versions of your logo with very subtle design changes to suit every device types such as PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. Cutting down on the level of detail in a logo leads to better clarity at small sizes, this could mean removing a tagline or using an icon instead.

It’s important to create a Favicon, a logo for the top of your browser page. This must be without text, due to the small size. The recommended size is 32×32 px. and png. format. For our platform the logo preferably needs to be 400×75 px. for the landing page and the members area. The best format for logos is png.

Other areas to consider when creating your logo:

    • Is the logo consistent with the colour scheme of your site or app?
    • Is it readable with the background?
    • Does the logo design reflect your chosen niche or interest group?



Images need to reflect the niche of  your dating brand so the user understands what the site is about without thinking twice. Consider the audience you are targeting, your landing page images should be enticing and create a sense of excitement and anticipation for them.  

The images below are from our gaming niche site



The target market is male & female gamers in the US aged 18-44. They will have a strong interest in gaming and are looking for someone to share their gaming interests with as well as read gaming articles and forums. Friendship, genuine relationships and bonding over a mutual interest is favoured more than hookups in this case which is reflected in the images for this particular site. For a site which is of a more adult nature or is more focused on casual relationships you would perhaps choose more sexually suggestive images to evoke excitement.

Good luck and enjoy the process of creating your logo and selecting images for your dating brand! Visit our Million Dollar Dating Project page for full details and to apply here.