Our Acquisition team are happy to report some fantastic results across our Affinity Platform. Over the past few months, our team has moved their in-house mainstream dating brands onto the Next-Gen platform. They have tested using the ‘Occam First’ lander template across a variety of different dating niches, producing positive results including a 27% uplift on our click to registration performance across the board.  

As a HubStars partner, you have unlimited access to a whole host of new lander templates within our Site Designer Tool. These have been tried and tested by our team and are super quick and easy to set up. Built for Google search traffic and great for low CPA rates with search traffic conversion of 25% click to reg.

In addition to making the move to Next-Gen, our Acquisition team has stripped back their advertising campaign and rebuilt it to accommodate responsive search ads (which will become the compulsory ad format from June 2022). Using best-performing keywords they have created multiple single keyword ad groups using a single responsive search ad. The results have been significant! 

Date Player Two

Niche: Gamer

Curvalicious Dating

Niche: BBW

Speak to your account manager today about moving your mainstream traffic to our Next-Gen Platform or discuss potential niches to launch in the mainstream dating market!

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