Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App Launched on International Cat Day – 8th August 2020

We are excited to announce that the Tabby App has now been launched as a result of the partnership between HubStars and Dig Dates, Inc. The team have been working closely with brand owners Leigh & Casey to bring their app vision to life. Cat lovers can date their tail off, share photos, and meet a unique cat-lover community with features like The Cat Tree social feed.

Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App is for both cat owners and future cat owners. Tabby is owned by Dig Dates, Inc, which also runs Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App. Tabby is part of the Pet Care Innovation Network powered by Purina and is a member of the Online Dating Association. 

Nathan Kehn and Sterling “TrapKing” Davis have partnered up with Tabby. Davis is the founder of Trap King Humane Cat Solutions, which is a Trap/Neuter/Return nonprofit organisation. TrapKing’s mission is to change the stereotypes of not only men in cat rescue, but also bridge the gap in communication between black communities and animal rescue/local shelters.

Nathan has racked up almost half a million followers between Instagram and TikTok and goes by the Insta handle @NathanTheCatLady. As an actor living in Los Angeles originally from Colorado,  he lives with four cats and has partnered with Tabby because he knows what it’s like to have girls turn their nose up at him because he loves cats.

Tabby is available for download on the App Store, and in Google Play for android.