To build the new Parallel Tracking links, we have created a tool to make the switchover as easy as possible. This step by step guide will assist you with creating and inserting the tracking links in your Google Ads at campaign level.

First of all, login to Go to Offers and select Link Builder Tool.



Once you have selected this, three boxes will appear:



In the first box, click on the down bar and select the site that you want to build the tracking link for. Then in the second box, select what platform you will be using, for the majority this will be Google AdWords.



Finally, to create the Parallel Tracking Link for campaign level tracking, enter the campaign name which you are using as your campaign name in your Adwords.

The final three boxes are already pre-set and can be left for campaign level tracking. It is very important that in your ads, the final URL matches the https version in the final URL on this page. Once you have entered all the data in the above steps, the parallel tracking links will appear:

You will be using both the Tracking Template link and Final Url Suffix link. Both links need to be added to your Adwords campaign in order for campaign level tracking to be successful. To add the links into your campaign, select the campaign that has the site name that you have in the ads. Go into campaign settings and select Campaign URL Options:


Add the Tracking Template link that you have created into the box that says Tracking Template. Finally add the Final Url Suffix link into the box that says Final Url Suffix. Always test the link and then save once all green ticks appear. See image below:


The final step in your Adwords account, all campaigns and into Account Settings to turn on the parallel tracking. Under the tracking tab, switch on Parallel Tracking and click save. This is the final step to enable Parallel Tracking is active in your account.


If you ever need any assistance with the new changes that Google has implemented, our Account Managers are happy to help.