As we grow as a company, we are developing many new features for many different markets. We have branched our dating platform into three distinct platforms to enable us to develop features and innovations efficiently, tailoring them specifically to the market needs of each platform. He’s a quick glance at the new lineup. Please contact our account management team for more details.




If you are looking to promote or build a casual site primarily focused on hookups, then our Excite platform is for you. Eye catching profiles, photos and video content is king when it comes to casual sites. High volumes of our members convert from free to paid to share more photo and video content. All our products feature a mobile first design and are fully responsive, giving our users that fun and interactive ‘hook up app’ experience and backing it up with our excellent customer support team.




Our Unity platform is focused on building strong communities, which leads to a more compelling member experience and longer paid user retention. We include a variety of public spaces (Blogs, Status updates and Forums) for people to communicate beyond the basic 1 to 1. These spaces allow carefully selected groups of like minded people to share their experiences in a safe environment and without prejudice. Within Unity lasting friendships are just as important as a good date, resulting in some of the longest retention rates in the dating industry. This is undoubtedly one of our most profitable platforms for monetising niche dating markets.


Our Affinity platform produces dating sites for people who are looking to find that meaningful connection or relationship. We utilise the latest in AI and behavioural matching technology to connect people with a genuine spark. Like all our dating products, they are carefully monitored by our support centre, working continuously to provide dating members with a fun, safe and genuine online environment.