We all know how frustrating it can be when a campaign doesn’t deliver the success we hoped for and it can sometimes be difficult to identify where the problem is. The most important thing to do when in this situation, is not panic and systematically fine tune all the elements required to get the returns you want. When it comes to AdWords, I recommend taking the following steps –

Keyword Optimisation
Identify the keywords that are failing to drive conversions or are too expensive to run with, then change their match type, remove them or incorporate them in to a longer tail keyword. – (As discussed in my very first tip, this will reduce wasted spend = reduced CPL/CPA)

Lander Optimisation
If your lander is converting under 15% of your traffic, try changing imagery, page text and CTAs to be more relevant to our target audience. Linking article text to a unique CTA can be very effective at increasing conversion to registration.

Advert Optimisation
This is a sure fire way to get better results even when a campaign is performing well. Improving your adverts after you have optimised your keywords and the landing page can drive higher returns very quickly. By increasing your CTR in AdWords, you are driving more users that are using your targeted keywords and therefore, gaining volume without just simply upping your budget.


Optimising or improving your campaigns in this order will quickly identify how good your brand is, and how effective your targeting is to resolve the most problem areas within a campaign.

For more detail on optimisation, please contact your account manager to arrange an AdWords Review Session with myself.

Andy Croghan
Acquisition Manager.