Acquisition Insights – Fetish Friday

This Friday 18th January, the BDSM community celebrate their sexual fetishes on International Fetish Day! This day started in the UK, however has now become popular worldwide! We are expecting an increase of traffic for this niche therefore recommend optimising your campaigns and landers for the 24 hour period.


Relevant Keywords

Add relevant keywords into your BDSM Campaigns. Create a new Ad Group that will specifically focus on International Fetish Day. Include general keywords such as BDSM, but include relevant keywords. Fetish Day, BDSM Celebrations and BDSM Fetish Day are an example of keywords to include.


Relevant Ads

Write new Ads that include content about International Fetish Day. Include your new keywords that you have used in the campaign and in the lander. This will help with your Google Ranking.


Optimise Lander – Keywords

Use the Site Designer tool to update your landers with new, relevant keywords. Include keywords that you have used in the campaign. In Site Designer, under Content tab, you have the option to add the relevant keywords in the Meta Keywords as well as including the keywords in the webcopy. We recommend adding keywords into the first article.


Optimise Lander – Colour

Use the Site Designer tool to update the colour scheme of your landers. BDSM lovers who celebrate the day wear an item of purple. Including purple in the lander would show that you have members here that also celebrate the day. In Site Designer, under Site Design tab, you can change the background colour and text colour.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact your account manager.