Our newly developed Support and Moderation centre is staffed with highly trained customer care representatives, working continuously to provide our members with a safe and genuine online dating environment. With years of experience fighting against online fraudsters and scammers, we guarantee to provide our members with the best online dating experience.

On top of a 24/7 customer support team, we have implemented a range of safety tools and features for our members.

Pre Moderation

All content posted by members is carefully screened by our moderation team before going live on the site. This is an extra safety precaution we take to ensure member safety online is consistently at a high level. By doing this we eliminate spam, hate speech and offensive content before it even reaches our members. Our team are highly effective at pre moderating content quickly and efficiently so this doesn’t affect the normal flow of content.


Spam Message Detector

As well as pre moderating all posted content, we also have a ‘Spam Message Detector’ feature which alerts members to any message content which is potentially spam. This handy feature is programmed to recognise duplicated message content which is commonly used by fake profiles with ulterior motives.

Member Controls
We also give our members control when it comes to spotting and reporting suspicious profiles. ‘Report member’ buttons can be found on every profile, allowing our moderators to investigate and act quickly once a profile has been reported. We also have a ‘blacklist member’ option on every profile which blocks further contact from that member if you feel uncomfortable in any situation. These tools are designed to protect users from fake profiles, scammers and time wasters.


This is just a small example of the features we currently have available for our members. We are continuously striving to keep our platform honest and genuine by introducing the newest technologies which are carefully monitored by our experts who are ready to respond instantly when needed.