This month we take a closer look at partner performance during the last six months of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

As a business we feel extremely proud to be connecting thousands of people across the World during a time where digital contact is relied upon more than ever. We are also very fortunate to be in a strong position to not only support our partners with their revenue streams but increase expectations and results over the last six months.

All the teams across our office bases have really stepped up to ensure our platform and service has been at a high level for both our members and partners during these months where we have all been faced with change and uncertainty.  A huge thank you to our developers, designers, customer support & retention team, account managers and acquisition staff for your dedication and commitment.

Partner Initial Revenue Increases by 60% vs LY

Our partners have seen an impressive 60% uplift in initial revenue over April-Sept this year vs the same period last year for our Casual Dating Platform. New revenue generated over this period by female members has increased by 153% and couples 47% vs LY. The growing popularity for throuple and polyamory communities are also reflected in the uplifts in conversion rates with our threesome niche +68% in upgrade rates vs LY.

Mobile device generated new revenue has risen by 71% over the last 6 months vs LY. During this time we launched our new app product in the form of Tabby, the Cat Person’s Dating App which can be downloaded in  the App Store, and in Google Play for android. We look forward to introducing the app product to partners in the near future and implementing new features into our existing web app sites which are created with a mobile first UX design.