After several years in development, our new Next-Gen platform will be launching this July!

This new platform will enable us to address a wider range of the dating market, spanning mainstream and casual dating with a real focus on building and nuturing communities throughout.


For brands that build loyal communities


We aim to create vibrant, multi-dimensional communities which thrive because of the members who are a part of them.

This will naturally deliver better results for our partners, e.g. better retention rates and increased revenues, but we will always come back to the foundations of creating communities for people, people who want to connect, learn, and feel empowered over a mutual interest.

We are going beyond the one-way exchange of user information with community-based features to inspire engagement and connections that are relevant and meaningful to a particular niche or interest group. Relevant user-generated content takes centre stage within communities in our new platform. This is the key driver for retention and growth.


Follow our social channels for more updates on this launch or speak to our team for all the details.


Stay tuned!