As part of our ongoing efforts to scale up our in-house brands, we have successfully achieved significant improvements in registration numbers while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs and enhancing lead quality to ensure an upward trend in upgrade rates. 

Our efforts are paying off! 

By leveraging GA4 audience data and implementing targeted strategies, we have witnessed a massive 57% decrease in cost per acquisition

Additionally, we have achieved a 13% increase in conversion rate with click-to-reg averaging 27.3% across The AdultHub (our in-house brand) search campaigns so far this quarter.

To attain these impressive results, we implemented a range of strategies designed to optimise our digital marketing campaigns and improve overall performance. These strategies include:

  • Targeted Landing Pages:

State and/or city-level landing pages (built on the magazine template) with content and imagery that resonates with each specific local audience.

  • Demographic Segmentation:

Splitting demographics within similar campaigns and tailoring the assets to address the unique characteristics and preferences of each demographic group.

  • Laser-Focused Audience Creation:

Utilising GA4 audience data, we created specific and laser-focused audience groups.

  • Segmented Audiences and Remarketing:

Leveraging the GA4 audience data to segment our audiences further and using remarketing lists for search ads within each campaign.

  • Strategic Bid Management:

Implementing negative bids on lower performing terms and/or audiences to ensure ads still appear but convert at a reduced cost for these lower converting ads, groups and campaigns.

If you require assistance in migrating to GA4 or need guidance to achieve optimal performance from the platform, we are here to help. Please feel free to email us below with your requests, and our team will be happy to provide the support you need.

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