Niche Signup Flow Optimisation

As announced at our Partner Conference in Dublin, we have been rolling out and tuning specific registration flows across our platforms. We have been engaging with more specific questions tailored to each niche, speaking more directly to the customer’s needs.

For example, on our Affinity Platform Single Parent Niche we have focused the registration flow more specifically around some practical questions about whether they have children and if they are living at home with them.

The results delivered higher profile completion rates of up to 5% (ie. have filled in a complete profile including a text description and headline). Some niches now have over 70% profile completion rates for the first time. Email validations have also increased by up to 3.5%, both improvements indicate higher customer engagement with these dating brands.

Our team is continuing to roll out and optimise for every niche. Currently we recommend that you focus traffic this month on your sites where we have seen the biggest verified improvement.

See below:


Notifications – moving beyond Chrome

This week we have relaunched a revamped version of our browser notification engine. Rebuilt to take advantage of cross browser support for notifications, users can now be notified of events like new messages via their browser as well as via email. Previously this was a Chrome only feature on the platform, but is now available to users on other browsers such as Safari (hint: heavily used on iOS devices) and Firefox. Expect this to drive higher engagement and logins as more users opt into the new notification system starting this week.



Spotlight: Spanish Lesbian


Our acquisition team is always on the lookout for good opportunities for your traffic spend. We have found this gem where traffic costs are low and conversion is now significantly higher due to our new registration flow as described above.

This month you should take a look at the lesbian market in Spain.

Campaign Targeting:

– Northern Spain and main metro regions such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao
– Average CPA £1.40 or CPC £0.25
– Initial Revenue per basic member £8.25!

Speak to your account manager to help get you setup or optimised in this region.


Pan for gold in your new traffic sources using a pre-lander


When launching new sites into geos and niches you have limited experience in can be difficult. Our acquisition team have been testing several alternative ways to launch into new spaces to minimise the costs and time it takes to gather the data required to optimise and start making money!

Testing a prelander that allows a user to choose either our Affinity or Excite platforms has proved extremely successful for our recent launch in India. This has allowed partners to identify targeting that works for Mainstream and Adult simultaneously before optimising for each platform. Discovering Adult targeting that works for Mainstream and vice versa allows for multiple, unique targeting opportunities that offer you a variety of routes to continually improve your returns.

Talk to your Account Manager today about how to test prelander performance in new geos and niches.