24% boost in message exchange among users after inbox redesign

Our product team has recently rolled out a major update to the messaging area on our Excite platform, resulting in a significant boost in message exchange among users. Since the launch of the new inbox redesign on the 11th of May, both messages sent and received have increased by an impressive 24% over a 7-day period compared to messages sent using the previous mailbox. We are also pleased to report that upgrades in the first 24hrs increased by 4%.

The revamped messaging area introduces several enhancements to improve the overall UX. One of the key highlights is the implementation of new design elements, making the area more visually appealing and user-friendly. With these changes, we aim to provide dating members with a more seamless and engaging platform.

Among the notable improvements are the introduction of informative icons displayed next to each conversation in the inbox. These icons offer valuable insights into the user’s profile and behaviour, allowing for a more informed interaction.

For instance, a “Verified” icon is displayed when a user has been Age Verified, instilling trust and credibility. Additionally, a “VIP” icon is showcased for users who are VIP members, enabling enhanced recognition within the community. Moreover, an “Anti-Ghosting” icon appears when a user is likely to respond promptly based on their historical messaging behaviour.

For classic members, all new messages received from other Classic users will automatically expire after 24 hours. However, once a user upgrades their membership, all expired messages will be reclaimed, granting them the chance to read and respond to those messages. This feature aims to incentivise users to upgrade their membership and enjoy the full benefits of VIP status.


“We aimed to create a more user-friendly and transparent inbox area that gives members more control over their interactions and allows them to connect with other users more seamlessly,”

“Although the changes are still fresh, we are pleased with the results so far and believe that this will have a positive impact on both user experience and partner returns as we roll this out across the platform.”

Martyn Padden, Head of Product.


For more information about the inbox redesign and other platform updates, partners can reach out to their account manager or visit the HubStars blog.