We are thrilled to share with you the incredible success of our in-house brand, Date Player 2, in Q1 of 2023. The gamer niche has been thriving, and we have seen remarkable growth in registrations with an increase of 358% compared to Q4 of 2022. The USA and the UK remain the top-performing locations, while New Zealand experienced the steepest improvement in this niche.

Our aim in Q1 was to scale registrations while reducing the cost of acquisition. We are proud to say that we accomplished this by segmenting users based on their interests and targeting them with relevant copy and assets. This resulted in an increase in conversions (sign-ups) at a CPA that was 4% lower than Q4. We also implemented this strategy across the discovery and max performance campaigns, with hyper-specific targeting, improved assets, and higher CTRs.

Our impressive results speak for themselves, with a record-breaking 122 million views of the brand across all networks while achieving a 4% reduction in cost per conversion.

As we move forward into 2023, our focus is to continue scaling this brand at an even lower cost per acquisition. We plan to achieve this by using the learnings from the data gathered so far to implement even more accurate targeting to audiences on display networks with assets and videos that resonate with the target audience. We will experiment with longer-form landing pages to showcase the brand, highlight benefits, answer their questions and provide a great experience that will encourage them to sign up.

The longer form landing pages are essential to provide further details to the unknown audience that is finding our brand through alternative methods to search where there is real intent in the user’s behaviours.

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