Since the launch of our Next-Gen platform and the introduction of our new google friendly templates available in our Site Designer Tool, our Acquisition team have seen great performance improvements across our in-house dating brands.

We take a closer look at the benchmark performance for our in-house brands…

Click-Through Rate %

Our in-house Acquisition team launched single keyword ad groups, using purely responsive search ads. Since launch, we have seen great results across all of our benchmark statistics. Our Click Through Rate benchmark has increased from 5% to 10%. We are utilising the full 15 headline variations along with 4 descriptions, pinning the best combinations that Google has suggested.

If ads are lower than the 10% benchmark, we suggest swapping out low impression headlines and including popular keywords from search terms. Our current set-up of 1 keyword per ad group ensures that our responsive search ad rating is excellent. As a result, our quality scores per keyword have greatly improved.

Click To Registration %

The Click to Reg benchmark for legacy was approximately 20%, now we are steadily achieving 25%. We have been utilising the Next-Gen templates available in our Site Designer Tool. The templates are free of javascript which helps fight against malware issues and has excellent page load speeds, which is always favourable with Google Ads.

We also are seeing excellent results from the ‘Occam-first’ landing page template. This landing page is used mainly when we see a dip in our Click to Registration %. There is no formula for what lander works best for each niche, it has taken weeks of testing to find the right fit for the brand.

Email Validations & Completed Profile %

Our email validations are exceeding the 75% benchmark, alongside profiles completion rates exceeding 65%. With the launch of our Next-Gen platform, we have a customisable platform;  including editable headline names, colours and icons which affects user experience. By fine tuning the onboarding process from advert to sign up, we are seeing better quality traffic through our sites resulting in higher email validation, completed profile rates and upgrade percentages. 

Upgrade %

In turn, we are now seeing free to paid upgrade rates doubling in our top niches and geos on the Next-Gen platform. Users are enjoying this fresh, modernised look inside the member’s area. Users can effortlessly upload photos and status updates, swipe through potential dates in the matches area and discover articles in the community area. We are in the process of rolling out customised Next-Gen niches which will improve user experience, therefore, increasing upgrade performance. 

Our acquisition team are available to give advice and support with monitoring your own performance across your dating brand portfolio. Get in touch with your account manager if you would like to request further support from our team or launch your brands on our Next-Gen platform!

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