User profiles play a vital role in capturing attention and sparking interest. We understand the significance of creating an engaging user experience within this area of the platform. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the recent enhancements we’ve made to user profiles, resulting in a notable 13% increase in profile likes since going live on the 12th of April.

The data speaks for itself, by prioritising the display of vital information, users are more likely to engage with profiles that align with their preferences.

Putting the Most Relevant Information Front and Center

Recognising that users seek relevant and concise information about potential matches, we have reworked the way user profiles are presented. Our primary goal was to ensure that crucial details, such as name, location, pronouns, and relationship preferences, are prominently displayed right beneath the user’s profile image.

By elevating these key user details, we have enabled individuals to have a quick snapshot of who they are and what they are seeking. This means that users can now make informed decisions and take that all-important first step with greater ease than ever before.