The more clearly you define your target market, the better you can understand how and where to reach your best customers. You can start with broad niche categories like active lifestyle or single dads, but you need to get much more detailed to achieve the best possible conversion rates.

We spoke to Account Manager Doreen for some tips on discovering your target market for your dating brand.

Who is your relevant audience?

– Age

– Location

– Language

– Spending power and patterns

– Interests

– Stage of life

To find out who your audience is you must address the points above and find out what kind of people this includes. Are they looking for longterm relationships or online chat only? Is this niche inclusive of all genders and ages? Make sure your registration form reflects this.

e.g. for targeting a lesbian niche site make sure to exclude males from your targeting & vice versa for a gay male site. Is your brand targeted at seniors? Remove ages below 50 from the campaign. 


Where are you targeting with your campaign?

It’s a good idea to break up campaigns by geos/regions so make sure to do data research on which markets work well for each niche, your account managers can help with this. Always select people within a certain location rather than interested in if using Google Ads so you don’t risk getting clicks from places where that site is not relevant depending on how geographically based your lander is. 


In house Brand Example 


Source: Google Ads


As this is a localised domain the first important targeting is in the location targeting, so for example for an adwords campaign you would enter the specific area in the locations to target within settings then select the option for “people in or regularly in your targeted location”  under more location options. This will cut out unnecessary and non relevant clicks which will cost you money.

As this is a mainstream brand your keywords will be more targeted to finding love, connection & relationships. Bring the keyword targeting back to the location in the domain too eg “dating in London”, “find love in the capital”, “London Singles” as you can see in this site example.

 Think about the age ranges this brand is targeting, is the lander geared towards younger professionals or an older age group. Depending on the age targeting you can remove certain age ranges from the campaign if this is relevant to your brand. As this specific example is not targeted to specific age groups we would advise leaving all age groups in a typical google ads campaign until you have some data to see that is working well and at this point age ranges that are not performing for your brand can be removed.