UK Market Experiences +15% Total Revenue Growth!

In March our partners and in-house team saw an increase of +15% in total revenue on our Affinity platform whilst targeting our UK market. In recent weeks we have spoken about the roll out of our new mainstream platform, with several of our in-house brands currently undergoing intensive trials of the new Next-Gen platform.

Partners operating on our Affinity platform will soon be able to run their brands on this financially and technically secure new platform, fully tested and optimised to provide the best ROI for your traffic. This is a fantastic time to expand your dating brand portfolio into the mainstream market! Speak to our team for more details on our top converting Affinity niches here.

+23% New Revenue Growth for US

Our US market continues to lead the way with some incredible performance results in March, starting with a +23% increase in new revenue month on month. Looking in more detail, the US achieved a significant +19.3% increase in total revenue growth on our Affinity platform and +26% uplift on Excite, our casual platform.

In March, we recorded a +15.2% uplift in new revenue across the Excite platform. We are excited to reveal that our developers are carrying out advanced field testing of a new adaptable conversion pipeline for new users on our casual platform. This enables us to communicate with new users with the right message at the right time to produce the best dating conversion results for our partners.

Google Updated Advertising Rule Rollout

On the 29th March the Google Ads Adult content policy was updated to restrict sexually suggestive live streaming, live chat, role playing games and general dating with sexually suggestive elements and themes.

As a business we do not condone the use of inappropriate content, misleading claims and schemes aimed at volatile short term returns. We broadly support the new Google policy so far as it helps to achieve this. This focus on relevance delivers consistent returns for the long term, happier customers and fewer disputes.

As expected, we have seen no negative impact on our in-house or partner campaigns since the roll out of the policy update. This is a testament to the work of our acquisition team and partners working together over the last 2 years to focus on quality in their ad copy and landers. In fact, like for like campaigns running with Google saw an increase of +3% in registrations with consistent conversion after the update. This indicates a mild bump up for compliant advertisers and platforms!

We will continue to support our partners in expanding further into the casual dating market. Please speak to your account manager for any queries you may have regarding this update.