We are delighted to introduce our newest team member who has been with us over the past three months. Our team in Scotland are still expanding and recruiting for positions in Account Management and Digital Marketing, check out more details here.


Name: Ash

Job Title: Sales & Onboarding Associate 


A brief description of what your role entails?

Being the first point of contact for potential new partners and providing them with all of the information that they need to launch, promote and earn profit within the online dating sector. 


How did you find stepping into a new role and a new company during lockdown?

It wasn’t as difficult as I first thought it would be when I started the role. Not being in an office was slightly different to what I was used to, however since I have come through the doors at HubStars I’ve been met by colleagues who are more than happy to help me and we catch up daily on video calls.


Your top three tips for remote working?

My top 3 tips to anyone who is new to remote working would be first and foremost, Coffee. Make sure you have a ton of it! Secondly, the radio is a must because if you’re anything like me a sing-along gets you through the day. Lastly, fresh air! Whether that is sitting by a window or having 5 minutes outside to reset and refresh. 


What’s your career background prior to HubStars?

I have mainly been in Sales roles for the majority of my career, whether that is face to face, door to door or in an office you name it i’ve sold it. I was an overseas representative for a holiday company for a good period where I happily obliged to take advantage of the sun during summer and the ski slopes during winter!


What aspect of your job are you enjoying the most at the moment/what projects are you most excited about?

Speaking to new partners with new ideas and getting them set up and ready to go with HubStars. It’s exciting to see a dating brand idea transform into a slick and profitable app or site with the help of our team. 


Tell us something we might not know about you?

 I’ve recently taken up golf, I’m shocked at how bad someone can be at a sport as I am! 


Area of expertise?

Partner Engagement- I enjoy building up a good rapport and relationship with new partners. I’m naturally chatty and approachable so it makes this part of the job easy and enjoyable for me!