Real People, Real Connections

Fair Offer is a symbol of commitment to our growing group of partners who operate through our platform. We ensure that all offers are built not only to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your traffic, but to also result in genuine member interaction and relationships. We pride ourselves on giving you that feel good factor by producing a growing database of real and happy members with a zero tolerance policy for fake or scam profiles.

How do we do it?

A newly developed support centre fully staffed with highly trained customer care representatives, working continuously to provide members with a safe and genuine online dating environment. With years of experience fighting against online fraudsters and scammers, we are committed to providing you with a community of real members and honest interaction.

Why is it important?

Putting higher conversion and member retention rates to one side, the satisfaction of working together towards creating a more honest dating environment is one of our core values. Our Support Team are often reminded of the meaningful connections and real interactions that are created through our platform. Read on for just a few of the testimonials which are received on a regular basis.

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