December Business Round Up

Business Round Up

Initial revenue lifted 5% across our partner accounts in November, an impressive uplift driven by our mid to top tier level partners. Rebill revenue has also increased by 4.2% across the platform, with our retention team working hard to update and optimise features for the best return.

Our new and improved mainstream dating platform has been launched with a clean mobile first design. The platform has been optimised to monetise through a mixture of free and paid options comprising of subscriptions, in house cross sales and advertising revenue streams. Our developers are working to streamline the new platform and iron out any bugs that arise, we look forward to providing a report on the latest results in the new year.

As we come to the end of 2018 we can reflect back on what has been an incredible year, business owner Michael O’Sullivan gave the following statement at our annual end of year dinner:

This year we will have more than doubled our dating business, welcoming over 5 million new members and displaying over 300 million profiles. We’re currently serving 1000 images per second on our platform supporting 1000s of dating websites. It all runs 24 hours a day thanks to this dedicated team and a bit of cloud computing. Thank you to the incredible work put in by all of our team and of course to our partners and associates who have made this year so successful.

We would like to wish all of our partners a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019, we look forward to another year of continued success and opportunities!

Partner Success

This partner has been in close consultation with our account management team to put together a plan for sustainable, lateral growth.

They have seen fantastic results including an impressive 126% increase in registrations and a 174% increase in initial revenue for November. This has been achieved by launching a series of new sites across a number of niches including BDSM, Swingers, Lesbian, Cosplay and Bisexual. They have also moved into markets including AUS, CAN and USA and are driving high quality traffic from a mix of sources.  By making sure they focus on the quality of the traffic over well niched sites we look forward to seeing them continue to grow sustainably and with high profitability.

Please get in touch with your account manager to discuss the various opportunities available to you as a HubStars partner.


Site Designer Tool


We have provided easy step by step tutorial videos to help our partners navigate our new Site Designer Tool, launched earlier this year. These are now live on our website and can be found here.

The Site Designer tool allows our partners to create fully customisable lander pages at the touch of a button. The product enables you to make instant adjustments to landing pages which can be previewed and made live instantly without delay. This puts complete control into the hands of our partners and gives the freedom to make content, image or CSS changes at any time of the day easily and instantly.

The tutorial videos include a complete breakdown of the tool, including a guide on how to design your site to adding content and adjusting widgets. Our dedicated account management team are also available to help, please contact your account manager directly or at for further assistance.


Affiliate Summit West 2019


Our team will be heading to Las Vegas for the premier global event, Affiliate Summit West.

The three day event will take place in the Paris hotel from the 6-8 January with an expected turnout of over 6,000 digital marketers including media owners, traffic sources, advertisers and tech firms.

If attending you will be able to find us at Meet Market Booth C2 on Sunday 6th January between 12-6pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet some of our account management team and find out more details on what we can offer you as an industry leading dating platform. If you would prefer a one to one meeting get in touch at to schedule some time with us between the 7-8 January in and around the Paris hotel area.

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