June Business Round Up

Business Round Up


May performance had a lot to live up to after the amazing growth we experienced during April. It did not disappoint, with a steady 2.2% uplift in daily registrations and 5.4% boost in daily initial revenue vs April. Total revenue also had a significant increase of 8.3% vs April, a massive +152% vs last year.

With the continued increase in registrations and initial revenue since the start of 2018, May saw a 14% uplift in daily rebill revenue vs April, and a whopping 192% uplift vs last year.

Our USA and UK networks both came out on top in terms of initial revenue for May, with the USA achieving 29.2% of the total mix, closely followed by the UK with 29.1% of the total mix. Canada is showing signs of strong growth, achieving 10% of initial revenue, a significant territory increase of 50% vs April! This result came after several attempts at finding the most effective campaign set up, with the aim of populating and strengthening the Canadian database, creating a stronger opportunity in this network for our partners to take advantage of.

Our account management team are available to discuss opportunities available to you across our growing networks, get in touch at info@hubstars.com or contact your account manager directly to discuss your strategy and how we can support your revenue growth!


Acquisition Tips


With Adwords Campaigns, writing engaging and effective adverts is always a challenge. I would always recommend applying a simple 3 tiered structure to your ad copy. These are as following:

  • Affirmative Statement
  • Branding
  • Positive Question/Answer


Affirmative Statement

This is a way of grabbing the users attention immediately. Try and write a statement that directly responds to the search term you are bidding to appear on.


Search Query = ‘where to find big women’

Ad Copy Headline = Find Big Beautiful Women Here



A branding advert should sell your brand in a more general sense by utilising your brand name and tag line. This will help with converting repeat visitors that may not have converted at first visit as they will recognise the brand name and tagline.

Example Ad Headline = The Crossdresser Connection – You are Welcome Here


Positive Question/Answer

This can be the most effective way of initiating a positive interaction with your brand even before a user visits the landing page. By asking a question related to the search query, to which the correctly targeted user can respond ‘’Yes” to, the user is more likely to then respond to the CTAs on your site.


Search term = ‘how to find dominant women’

Ad Headline = Do You Want To Be Dominated? – Find Dominant Women Near You


Applying this method to your ad copy will help you appeal better in the never ending battle for clicks. Always remember to update your ad copy regularly to maintain or improve optimal CTR (Click Through Rate).

For more detail on ad copy methods, please contact your account manager to arrange an AdWords Review Session with myself.

Andrew Croghan
Sales & Acquisition Manager


Partner Success with Robert Steeger


We have been working closely with Robert over the last six months, with regular phone calls and meetings to build an effective strategy for 2018. This effort is clearly reflected in Robert’s May figures, with a whopping 124% uplift in daily registrations vs April. The quality of his traffic remained strong with a 49% increase in the number of daily payments, as well as a 118% uplift in daily verified registrations.

Robert’s daily initial revenue grew by 85% vs April, an impressive lift which has been supported by the platform’s newest payment page tool, a UI feature which suggests the most affordable subscription plan to members.

Robert used a number of tactics in order to achieve this outstanding growth in performance. Firstly he created thirteen new sites over two months, these were aimed at a wide portfolio, which allowed him to spread the risk and monetise different niche and territory combinations. He also worked closely with his account manager to A/B test different lander options, resulting in landers which have been optimised to work best with his traffic. Robert displayed flexibility and a willingness to try new methods which evidently played in his favour, we strongly believe he will continue to grow his success throughout the year.

Your Account Manager can support you in a site and brand strategy to ensure that you are able to monetise the many opportunities available with HubStars!