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Claire McWhinnie


Job Title
Executive Assistant


How long have you worked for the company?
Just over two years.


Main Responsibilities?
Supporting & assisting company owner with various ongoing projects and day to day running of the business. I also manage marketing for events throughout the year and head up HubStars communications through social media & email.


What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
Planning for our next partner conference in London this summer!


What’s the one thing you can’t live without?


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Going big walks along the Ayrshire coast, going to the gym and generally keeping active to balance out my love for food and drink! I also love planning my next holiday and try to get away every year to a new city or beach location!


What does success look like for you?
Mastering living happily without the need to compare your life to others. Money is good, but you can still be rich and miserable 🙂


If you could be successful in another profession, which would you choose?
Probably something creative but on an anonymous level without the fame, like Banksy 😉


Which three individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
Denzel Washington, Thor and Michael Jackson.


Choose a movie title for the story of your life?
Big Trouble in Little China


How do you think your coworkers see you?
A bit cranky before I get my caffeine fix, but hopefully they see me as a positive, caring person.

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What characteristic do you most admire in others?
Kindness, humour and the ability to be completely authentic without caring about what others think.


Your idea of a perfect date?
At a cafe or bar in a sunny foreign city with my husband, drinking wine and eating tapas.



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